Five Reasons Why You’re Having Trouble Landing a Job

You have had no calls for interviews and there are no signs of an employer even looking at hiring you. What now?
Elliyani Mohamad Ali
Chief Editor

So you’re graduating soon and haven’t received any calls for a job interview, much less landed an offer. Despite going online to job portals every day and applying to any and all relevant job postings, you haven’t received any indication that anyone is thinking of hiring you. You’re becoming anxious and worried that you may be the only one in your cohort who will be unemployed. What should you do now?

Firstly, please don’t neglect your mental health. With all the uncertainties in the market right now, it’s understandable you’re feeling anxious now more than ever. It’s completely normal. The next step is to know how to switch the doom and gloom into a more productive feeling.

Once you feel like you can manage your anxiety, let’s tackle the possible reasons you’ve trouble landing a job.


1) Not including the relevant buzzwords in your resume

It’s important to understand that the relevance of your resume is ranked by keywords. If your resume doesn’t contain certain keywords, it may not even end up being read by the recruiter, no matter how perfect you may seem for the job. Every industry has its own different set of keywords that recruiters look for today, so be sure you’re looking at current market trends that are relevant for you.

Five Reasons Why You’re Having Trouble Landing a Job_Do market research


2) Only focusing on available jobs in your sector

It’s easy to be myopic and only apply to jobs available in your sector, but the truth is, your dream job could possibly even be in a totally different industry. For example, if you aim to take up a job in public relations, you may be tempted to only look at the top agencies, but many companies now have in-house public relations teams!

Five Reasons Why You’re Having Trouble Landing a Job_Expand your job search


3) Not connecting with others

Networking doesn’t have to start only when you’ve started working in your first job. And chances are, if you’re graduating soon, you already completed internship gigs before the pandemic hit. Start with making sure your former supervisors and team members are in your LinkedIn network, and reconnect with them. 

Five Reasons Why You’re Having Trouble Landing a Job_Network now


4) Not doing anything else besides applying for jobs

Unending job searches may be gruelling, demotivating and tiring; but that doesn’t mean that’s all you can do while waiting for a job interview, especially if you’ve already graduated. You can still do quite a few things while beefing up your resume’s Experiences section.

Five Reasons Why You’re Having Trouble Landing a Job_Keep yourself busy


5) Not seeking help from others

Perhaps you’re feeling too shy to physically approach someone for help, but your campus career centre is likely to be one of the best avenues for you to seek help if you’re not receiving any responses on your job application. Best of all, they’re right there on your own campus.

Five Reasons Why You’re Having Trouble Landing a Job_Approach your campus career coaches

These are only five reasons you may have trouble landing a job. There are other possibilities, ranging from changing market demands to relying only on job ads. Don't give up though; try our exercise tips, continue to seek help and be resilience by adopting a positive attitude! Your efforts will not go to waste and you will be one step closer to landing your desired job.