Planning Your Job Search

There are ways to suss out a company culture before saying “yes” to the role!
If clinching a job could be likened to winning a chess game, you’d want to use these five transferable skills to capture your recruiter’s attention and ultimately checkmate for the position!
Hint: High salary isn’t the most important reason to sign on that dotted line.
Your paper degree may have helped you get one foot in the door, but you still need to impress interviewers with relevant qualities to get that coveted job.
Good news, you’ve just figured out your dream career. Bad news, you’ve also just spent at least four years studying a totally different course. Does this mean your degree is totally worthless now?
Whether you’re creative or practical, a social butterfly or an introvert, there is a job type that’s almost perfect for you.
Many go to school with the singular focus of getting a good GPA, but the time to prepare for your job-search should start from your first day of university.
When you set goals, you will not only achieve magnificent things; you will also make your ultimate dreams come true.
Networking is often described as one of the most common ways to start off your job search, but what if you’re still in school? When’s the ideal time to start networking?
The job-hunting process can be a gruelling and demoralising experience, but it doesn’t always have to be. Take the necessary steps to ensure your job search experience is a positive one – and that includes knowing when to take a break!