Get on the fast lane to career progression

While your career may be in your hands, some companies provide an extra boost. CapitaLand Group is one of those companies - take a look at how they do it.
Sarah Si
Sarah Si
Editor, gradsingapore

Employers are not there to get you. In truth, they are there to support you. The fact of the matter is, no matter what industry you are either in or looking to enter, shining at your job or prospective job is vital to professional growth and development.

While some industries, such as the information technology (IT) industry, do need continued development, companies in other industries may instead look out for those best suited for it.

So, taking all these differences in industries in mind, how can you tread down your career path in your company?

Embodied traits

Some companies look for the lifelong learners in the office; those who get bored easily and can often be seen curiously poking their noses into anything and everything they can get their hands on in the name of continuous growth.

Other companies keep an eye out for current employees who exude a strong personal brand that not only sets them apart from the others but also makes them decision-makers. Relevant and charismatic, they are also liable to make their mark on everything they do, from the emails they send out, to the meetings where they may deliver a presentation.

But there are also companies like CapitaLand who choose to narrow their focus on candidates as early as the recruitment stage. The organisation looks out for certain characteristics in well-rounded talents before bringing them on board and retaining them.

CapitaLand looks out for certain characteristics in well-rounded talents before bringing them on board and retaining them. Image credited to CapitaLand Group

As the Group strongly believes it is only as extraordinary as their people, and encourages contribution to culture and success, emphasis is placed on having the right values aligned to CapitaLand’s core values - a Winning Mindset, Integrity, Respect and Enterprising. Other traits include good interpersonal skills, strong networking skills, and resilience.


Companies have nothing to lose by developing employees as a means to retain them as well as promote from within – they will benefit from the higher motivation and productivity the employee will bring along.And you should not be afraid of taking advantage of whatever resources you have at your disposal either.

In fact, employee retention, or lack thereof, is one of the biggest threats to organisations around the world, with a 2018 study showing that while close to three-quarters of the workforce are satisfied with what they have, they also have an eagle eye out for better perks and benefits.2

As a result, more and more businesses are keeping employees satisfied and committed by offering growth and development drives, with Udemy even releasing a study in 2018 detailing how 42 per cent of millennials cited learning and development as the most vital benefits they looked at when deciding where they wanted to work.3

Companies like CapitaLand take this and add it to another benefit, making it a two-part approach instead.

CapitaLand shares, “We not only focus on hiring the best people internationally, but continue to upskill our staff, offering strategic, integrated and quality learning programmes regardless of which career stage they are in."

gradsingapore-article-2020-Get-on-the-fast-lane-to-career-progression.jpgCapitaLand ensures their staff contribute to the Group’s culture and success. Image credited to CapitaLand Group

“To further support our learning and development efforts, CapitaLand has two training institutes – the CapitaLand Institute of Management & Business (CLIMB) and Ascott Centre for Excellence (ACE). These training institutes provide programmes that are more focused, systematic and consistent with CapitaLand’s overall human resources objectives.”

That is one part. The second part focuses more on career enhancement.

CapitaLand offers challenging and rewarding careers where employees are able to continually learn and develop their personal and professional capabilities. There are also opportunities, through structured rotations, for employees to rotate between functions or geographies, working alongside a talented, international and diverse workforce.


To summarise, in this new economy and landscape, continually disrupted by never-ending technological advancements and changing mindsets, there are numerous opportunities for you to benefit from, and learn and grow.

Building internal talent and internal talent management has become a priority among businesses all over the world, with structured career paths and progression in the cards for many, complete with mentoring, job rotation and on-the-job training.

So leverage it – take the opportunity to progress up the ranks of your company even as you grow the sense of purpose you will no doubt develop. Your company will certainly not miss out on their opportunity to grow with your value-adding and contributions. And neither should you.