IT & Technology: Areas of Work

Building a strong and reputable online and web presence, and conducting trading and transactions through the internet.

Technology consultants focus on advising and helping their clients navigate through business obstacles by introducing IT solutions and strategies.

Helping business organisations safeguard their IT systems and observe regulatory compliance with Singapore’s legal and accounting regulations.

IT services organisations provide clients with invaluable professional technology support and services to help them achieve their business goals.

Working in the telecommunications industry lets you improve and reinvent global communication systems to better serve its users.

Working in the games sector means working with people from a variety of disciplines, but who all share the same passion as you. 

Software developers are crucial to the development of the IT infrastructure of the finance industry.

Nearly every function in the retail industry – e.g.

Using IT and technology skills to help manufacturing companies create a smoother supply chain. 

Investment banks aren’t all about analysts and associates only. Many IT and computing graduates find their calling in the banking world too!