Is the Investment Banking and Investment Management Sector for You?

There is certainly no shortage of graduate jobs in the investment banking and investment management industry.
Gradsingapore Author Team
The Gradsingapore Team

Making money work, and work hard, is what the investment banking and investment management sector specialises in. There, money is kept in a constant cycle of borrowing, loaning and investing 24 hours a day, across the different time zones spanning various economies around the world. Over the years, the Singapore Exchange has also developed a unique identity of its own, carving out niches for itself in several sectors.


In this industry, employers are usually investment banks who have an established global presence, such as JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, who provide a wide range of services. However, there are also smaller firms who choose to specialise in a particular area, as well as investment management organisations.

Areas of work

As organisations in this sector usually offer financial services of a high level to other businesses, whether corporate or institutional, you will be able to find roles that specialise in trading, asset management, capital raising and even mergers and acquisitions.

There are other roles available that are unrelated to financial services as well, such as operations and software development, which are vital to the support of the company.

While graduate roles in this sector offer high starting salaries, an international working environment and responsibility early in the job, they also tend to change rapidly and are demanding and challenging. As such, employers in the investment banking and investment management industry look for certain unique skills among prospective employees.