Ministry of Home Affairs: How to Get Hired

Jasmine gives advice on Ministry of Home Affairs's hiring criteria and qualities they look for in candidates.
Jasmine Bok
Head, Home Team Career Centre

What kinds of knowledge and skill sets do you look for in fresh graduate applicants?

We look for people who are thinkers so that they can join us to build our capabilities. We welcome graduates from any discipline because tertiary education, regardless of the area of study, will have equipped applicants with the critical thinking abilities that we are looking out for.

The ability to multi-task and juggle school work with an active co-curricular life would also be a good indicator of time management and stress-coping skills. More importantly, graduates must have the right values and attitudes to learn and constantly innovate. This will enable us to help  them grow through our training and development opportunities.

Please describe the assessment process for fresh graduate applicants in your organisation. 

All applicants may submit their applications online via Shortlisted applicants will go through a panel interview, and depending on the nature of positions, we may administer a writing aptitude test.

For applicants interested in uniformed service, they will need to undergo a psychometric test and physical health checks prior to the interviews.

How much work experience would you expect a fresh graduate applicant to have? 

We do not require fresh graduates to have any work experience, as we will provide training and development opportunities when they join us.

How do you identify culture fit during the recruitment process?

Our officers in the Home Team frequently work in collaboration with different departments in MHA, and even with different agencies across the Civil Service. Therefore, we look for certain qualities such as teamwork and interpersonal and communication skills in an applicant’s résumé and during our interview sessions.

What opportunities for pre-graduation work experience does your organisation provide for students?

The Ministry of Home Affairs works closely with the Public Service Division (PSD) to provide internship opportunities to local and overseas undergraduates each year. Interested applicants can check with the career office in their campus for these internship opportunities.

MHA will arrange a series of events to help our interns better appreciate the work and duties of our Home Team Officers. These activities will be separate from the tasks that interns are expected to deliver in the course of their internships. Through these programmes and deliverables, we hope that our interns will learn as much from their supervisors’ and colleagues’ experiences as possible.

What advice would you give to an applicant who does not possess the relevant academic qualifications?

In the Home Team, we welcome applicants with diverse educational backgrounds. We are committed to developing officers’ leadership potential and providing an environment where officers can grow both professionally and personally.

The Home Team will harness every opportunity to provide the best training for our officers to enhance their technical skills. Additionally, customized courses such as Command and Leadership courses and the Senior Command and Staff Courses are available for our officers.