How to Respond to a Job Interview Invitation

Find out how you should respond to an interview invitation professionally, and the details you may need to clarify with the recruiter.
Carmen Teh
Writer, gradsingapore

At last! You finally received that long-awaited email from the employer you’ve sent your job application to.

Your résumé caught the attention of your recruiters, your cover letter made an impression and most importantly, you got invited to meet them for a job interview. Well done!

However, before you send the recruiter a hasty reply about how you’re incredibly happy to attend the interview, there are some essential information about the interview that you need to be sure of.

The person who sent you the email to schedule the interview will likely ask about a convenient time and date for both parties to meet, but that’s not all you need to know.

Essential information

Here are some details you should clarify with the employer (if they were not mentioned in their email to you) in your response to their invitation for an interview:

Who you’re meeting with 

This information is key to a successful job interview prep. You can do some background research about the people you are meeting, and find out about their achievements and interests.

A little bit of investigative work on social media can do you more good than you think – especially if you are able to pique their interest by talking about a specific area of work or issues relevant to their specialism.

Doing your research will impress your recruiters. It showcases your genuine enthusiasm and that you are willing to go the extra mile to stand out from other applicants.

What you’ll need or have access to

If you are intending to truly go above and beyond to wow your interviewers, you may need additional instrument or tech to give your interview performance that extra boost.

For instance, you might want to impress your recruiters by showcasing the market research you’ve done on a specific area of the industry that you are interested in. This may be best presented through a slideshow, and you need to ask if giving a presentation is okay.

Knowing what technology (e.g. laptop, smartboard) that can be made available to you will help you in your preparation too.  

The duration of the interview

This may not seem like an important detail especially for fresh graduate jobseekers who do not have many commitments, but this can be useful for those who have also applied to other companies.

Knowing when the interview will start and end gives you leeway to schedule another job interview for the same date.

Sample email

Time to piece things together into a professional email! While it is important to demonstrate your enthusiasm, be sure to keep your tone professional.

Here’s a sample email to show you how to strike that balance.

Dear Ms Cheng,

It’s great to hear from you. I hope your week is going well.

Thank you so much for the job interview invitation. I really look forward to coming to XYZ’s office to meet the interviewers. Based on the dates you suggested, I am available for the 1 pm slot on June 5 and throughout the day for both June 7 and 8.

I have a couple of questions about the meeting:

1) How much time should I anticipate we’ll have together for the interview?

2) I would like to make a short presentation about the market research I’ve conducted which may interest the interviewers. Will I have technology to showcase my work and analysis?

3) Can I know who I’ll be meeting with, and if it’ll be a group interview?

Thank you for coordinating and scheduling all of this! Look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Shirley Lim