How to Get Hired: UNIQLO

Christine shares how Uniqlo identifies business leaders through graduate hiring.
Christine Xiao
Graduate Recruitment Lead

Please describe the assessment process for applicants to your organisation.

The hiring process usually involves a series of interviews with our management team, which are kept short and to the point. We also included slightly unconventional components in the assessment process. An applicant will typically go through these stages:-

  • Online Application
  • Resume Screening
  • Company Information Session
  • Online Aptitude Test
  • First Interview
  • Two-day Store Internship
  • Final Interview

The stringent process allows us to recruit applicants with the best fit, and also lets applicants to experience and understand the role and company before joining.

What are the skill sets you look for in fresh graduate applicants?

We look for the traits of a business leader – such as the ability to build and manage a team, drive sales and profitability, and lead change and pursue goals. 

We are looking for ambitious individuals who are self-driven and have a clear idea of what they want to achieve, and able to implement changes or actions to reach goals.

We want to get a feel of what makes you who you are. We want to make sure UNIQLO is a place you’ll thrive in, hence we’ll be looking for signs indicating your comfort level with ambiguity, your bias to detailed action, and your collaborative nature.

Soft skills and personality are also considered. Desired qualities include openness to change, ability to adapt to the environment, communication within a diverse team and display of collaborative spirit.

Please give us an example of a past year's case study/challenge that your organisation has used in your assessment process. 

If you were to open a new UNIQLO store in Singapore, where will it be and why?

What defines UNIQLO’s customer service?

Does your company have a structured graduate programme? If so, what advice would you give to graduates wanting to make the most of these programmes?

Yes, we have a UNIQLO Manager Candidate programme which puts graduates on a fast track to becoming a manager.

Candidates must have a genuine interest in retail operation and be willing to commit to the position with resilience and passion.

How do you identify culture fit during the recruitment process?

We observe candidates’ behaviour, response, and attitude during interviews as well as two-day store internships.

Please describe your company's culture in three words.

Dynamic, stimulating, rewarding.