Elite Advisory Services: How to Get Hired

Agnes Lee
Human Capital Executive

Please describe the assessment process for applicants to your organisation.

Potential candidates will first be short-listed in a selection interview. Next, a Limra Profile Test will be conducted along with a Personality Profile Test.

What are the skill sets you look for in fresh graduate applicants?

Applicants must have an outgoing personality, display entrepreneurship, able to adapt to fast pace environment, as well as have the drive to produce results.

Please give us an example of an area which your organisation is focusing on in developing talents.

We are currently focused on People and Management Skills.

Does your company have a structured graduate programme? If so, what advice would you give to graduates wanting to make the most of these programmes?

We have a 10 weeks training programme specially designed for interns from various faculties. My advice is that graduates need have an open mind to learn.

How do you identify culture fit during the recruitment process?

The candidate must possess an outgoing personality and is driven.

Please describe your company's culture in three words.

Professional, Dynamic, Pursue for Excellence.