3 Ways to Follow Up After a Job Interview

“We will be in touch” is something jobseekers hear recruiters say all the time at the end of an interview. Here’s how to ensure our interviewers follow through on that promise.
Carmen Teh
Writer, gradsingapore

You scored an interview at your ideal company for a job you’ve always wanted. What’s even better – the interview went really smoothly. You found out that the job is exactly what you wanted, and the office culture that your interviewer described aligns with what you are looking for.

Your enthusiasm is also reciprocated with your interviewer’s. He seemed quite impressed and interested in you throughout the interview. He shook your hand, thanked you for your time and said, “I’ll be in touch with you soon”.

However, you made the mistake of leaving too soon without making the right follow-up moves. Weeks have gone by and you still don’t know when to expect the interviewer to call back.

If this is something familiar to you, it’s time to learn a trick or two on how to stay on top of your interviewer’s mind. Here are five ways for you to ensure you are on the right follow-up track, and that your interviewer still remembers you after the interview.

1. Ask what’s next at the end of the interview

Usually, interviewers ask candidates if they have any questions to ask them as they wrap up the interview. This is your chance to ask when you can expect to hear from them. Their response will let you know exactly when it is okay to follow up without risking it being too early.

For instance, your interviewer tells you that he will get back to you in a week, but you still haven’t heard from her on the tenth day since your interview. In this case, the right move is to drop her an email as a reminder that she hasn’t gotten in touch with you.

There is no need to sound pushy or long-winded. A short and sweet note like this one will do:

“Hi Mr Hong – I hope you are well since we last spoke. You mentioned that you will come to a hiring decision on the Digital Marketing Executive position this week with your team. I look forward to hearing from you when you have an update regarding the position. Also, of course, if there is any additional information you need from me to support the decision-making process, kindly let me know. I will be happy to provide them. Thank you.”

2. Ask if you can connect with your interviewer on LinkedIn

Whether or not you end up getting the job, your interviewer will still be a good contact to have for a potentially long-term professional relationship. Besides, LinkedIn is a professional platform, so it’s not something inappropriate to ask (it’s not his or her Facebook account you’re asking for!).

One thing you should avoid doing, however, is to connect with your interviewer on LinkedIn without making it known to them of your intention of doing so during your interview. You do not want to leave them wondering what your motives are for requesting to connect. That said, you should also mention a reason when asking them about adding them on the platform during the interview.

“It’s so that I can keep in touch with you” sounds generic and borderline stalking behaviour. Find your way in by finding points you can follow up on that you’ve picked up during the interview.

For example, if you are applying to an advertising firm and you perhaps read an interesting article during your research about the industry, you can use that as a way in – “I read a Forbes article about how Nike recently used a similar brand strategy as the one this company employed two years ago. It was a really insightful article, I’d be happy to forward it to you via LinkedIn. Would you mind if we connect on LinkedIn?”

It goes without saying that you should follow through on your request to connect – forgetting to do so when you mentioned that you will speak volumes about your reliability and your commitment to your promises!

3. Send a thank-you note once the interview ends

Do not forget to thank your interviewers for their time via email while the memory of you is still fresh in their minds. Aim to do this within the same day or immediately after the interview (we’re talking minutes here!) on your phone if you really want to wow them.

This is also your chance to reiterate and emphasise your interest in the role and the company you are applying for. Make sure you highlight how your skill sets can help the company reach its goals, and what you look forward to achieve if you get the job.

End your email with an interesting point that was discussed during the interview (e.g. the vision and mission of the company, the company culture) and how you found that an attractive detail about the employer that you look forward to exploring and contribute to.