Interview Tips and Techniques

They can be a bit of a shock sometimes, but knowing how to carry yourself through these unscheduled calls can mean the difference between cinching the next interview step, and letting a chance slip away.
Even when you feel like throwing up from anxiety, you can still project an aura of calm and assurance to ace that interview.
A job interview can tell you a lot more about a company and its office culture than you think, if you know what signs to look out for.
As live video interviews over Zoom or other conferencing apps becomes the new normal, learn how to handle them with ease!
Self-promotion isn’t a natural behaviour for everyone – especially for introverts – but it’s not an impossible task. Here is how you can learn to get past your inhibitions and be assertive in a way that works for you.
Congratulations! A professional contact agreed to meet you to share details about his or her career with you… but what questions should you ask when the two of you meet?
Find out what you should do if you changed your mind about joining an employer and you’ve decided to cancel a job interview.
Find out how to compose an email that will score you an informational interview.
A recruiter can ask you many questions during a job interview – some questions more common than others. Here is a list of common questions you should be prepared for.
Showing your prospective employer that you’re the right cultural fit will increase your chances of securing the job.