Preparing for a public sector internship

Want to intern with a government agency? Here are some tips for making your applications.
The gradsingapore Team
The gradsingapore Team
Preparing for a public sector internship

Internship opportunities with the public sector in Singapore typically include stints with Ministries or statutory boards. Public sector internship applications have to be submitted over the Careers@Gov portal.

You can email public agencies to enquire on specific requirements or ask for more details on upcoming vacancies, or you can access the latest public sector internships available in Singapore here

1. Find agencies and roles related to your field

The public sector in Singapore consists 16 ministries and more than 50 statutory boards. To find your spot as an intern in the country’s largest employer, and understand the ways in which you can contribute, you need to have an overview of the main areas which the public sector focuses on.

The five areas are central administration, security, social, infrastructure and environment, as well as economy. As such, employers in the public sector oversee areas encompassing, but not limited to, health, education, sports, defence and broadcasting.

Read up to see where your skills and interests fit into the vacant internship positions. You need to be confident of the deliverables, at the same time, maintain an active interest in contributing and learning more with the agency that you are applying to.

2. Know the entry requirements

There are rounds of interviews you have to go through and assessments to take part in, including application essays. Be prepared to share your opinions on current policies succinctly and responsibly. You are also expected to be well-read and well-informed on current affairs and understand what is desirable for public interests.

Do look out for application deadlines so that you have ample time to manage and organise the documents which you need to submit. You might also be required to elaborate on your interest in joining the public sector in both verbal and written forms. Seeing how your skills and interests fit into the internship role applied for is highly crucial.

3. Understand the agency that you are applying to

Understand what are the top priorities and key concerns of the ministry or statuory board and how your role is designed to help the organisation reach its goals or propel itself forward. If you are able to highlight the above, as well as any gaps and issues, it will put you in a good stead during the interview and assessment process.

Most importantly, in your cover letter or application essay, as well as during the interview, show how your strengths and experiences make you a good fit for the internship role. Good luck!