Doing an Internship Outside Your Field of Study

This isn’t a foolish undertaking, not when it can actually boost your career opportunities after graduation and enhance your self-development.
The gradsingapore Team
Anne Grace Savitha
Writer, gradsingapore
Doing an internship outside your field of study

An internship is meant to help you learn more about corporate life outside academia, as well as in your desired future area of work. More than that, it allows you to form a network and pick up actual work experience – which can be translated into a competitive edge later when you join the ranks of jobseekers upon graduation.

In your first year of university, doing an internship unrelated to your field of study may sound entirely impossible, or at least something you might be better off not dabbling in…right? Although true, the flip side is that while you may not be building specific knowledge, you’ll have the chance to pick up other skills and valuable experience.

There are actually numerous benefits to doing an internship outside your field of study, so read on to get to know some of them!

Experiment with your interests and passion

If you’re having second thoughts of whether you want to continue in a field related to your studies post-graduation, internships can act as an ideal safety net to test the waters. There’s nothing wrong with using the time spent as an intern as a platform to explore other options open to you! So, take the chance to pursue your interests and passion (unrelated to your studies or not) and see if they can work out as a viable area of work for you in the future.

Doing an Internship Outside Your Field of Study_01_Some examples of interests

The chance to acquire new skills

When you take on an internship unrelated to what you’re studying, you’re going to pick up a completely new set of skills unique to the area you’re interning at. Although some skills may be more niche and specific, you’ll definitely pick up transferable skills. Add these new skills to the skill set you already have courtesy of your field of study, and you’ll have an edge over other candidates when applying for roles in the future!

Doing an Internship Outside Your Field of Study_02_Some transferable skills

Strengthen your resume

Even if you’re not thinking of pursuing a multifaceted career in the future, a range of core skills listed on your resume won’t hurt your chances of landing a successful application. Employers are always on the lookout for candidates who show potential to be all-rounders, so your resume will help you stand out from your peers with your variety of skills and experiences!

Doing an Internship Outside Your Field of Study_03_The advantages of a stronger resume

Broaden your career opportunities

The jobseeking landscape has become incredibly competitive over the past few years, and the uncertainty amidst the present pandemic has had a hand in heightening it as well. So, instead of competing for a single area of work, you can boost your chances to land a full-time role by creating more options.

Moreover, in a time when many roles are being introduced or newly defined, you’ll find that your experience in different areas and a wide variety of skills will definitely come in handy!

Doing an Internship Outside Your Field of Study_04_Advantages of picking up a wide variety of skills and experiences

Opportunity to build a diverse network

Creating and maintaining a mutually-beneficial network is crucial in any industry, and it’s impossible to stress the importance of building connections! The broader your professional network is, the more valuable tips and opinions you can get to improve your chances of landing a full-time job in the future. Your network may even help you land opportunities you may have no access to otherwise as well!

Doing an Internship Outside Your Field of Study_05_The importance of a network

Although the decision to complete an internship outside your field may be a smart one, it requires you to be brave enough to venture out of your comfort zone. Chances are, if you’re willing to grab the bull by its horns and charge ahead giving your all, you’ll benefit from the experience and boost your chances of easing your entry into the workforce after graduation!