Doing an internship outside your field of study

It is possible to do an internship placement outside your field of study, especially if you want to venture into something new. Here are three ways that a different internship experience can help you in your career.
Anne Grace Savitha
Writer, gradsingapore

1. Experiment with your interests and passion

It is normal to lose interest at what you’re studying, and to change interest midway. Therefore, the internship is a good platform to experiment what you really want to do after your studies. You can also figure out whether the job you’ve had a go at during your internship is something you really want to do as a career.

That said, learn as much as you can from your internship placement as picking up new skills, both hard and soft, would enrich you!

For example, if you have a passion for health and fitness, then interning at a gym or wellness centre will give you the experience of interacting with clients regarding ways to improve their health and fitness.

2. Acquire new skills

Doing an internship outside your field of study will increase your knowledge and enhance your skill sets beyond your course of study.

Although learning something new from scratch is always hard, grab hold of the opportunity to pick up new skills that you’ll acquire in that short stint. It will form part of your resume and portfolio, and lead you to similar roles in the future which you might be interested in.  For instance, you may have a museum internship experience now which can lead you to a curatorial role in future.

Feel free to plot the dots on your canvas by pursuing your varied interests. As Steve Jobs said, the dots will connect as you look back.

3. Strengthen your resume

Boasting a list of core skill sets in your resume is ideal if you are looking at development a multifaceted career.

The skills which are unique to you personally are very often the edge you have over other candidates. For example, having additional artistic or musical skills would be an advantage for a teaching position, as you show that you have the ability to use these mediums as tools to stimulate the students’ learning experience.

It is wise to try a new field while you’re on your internship in order to get a taste of the  job scope. It will help you decide if a certain profession truly your cup of tea. Keep searching for what is meaningful for you, and look for meaning in everything that you do!