Internships and Work Experience

Get ahead in your career by gaining useful skills and contacts through internships and work experience placements.

It’s not unusual to pursue a career unrelated to your area of academic study or previous work experience in this day and age. So read on if you need tips in this area! 

Environmental issues, such as air pollution and climate change which pose as threats to our well-being, are changing the ways companies go about with business. Here is why you should jump on the bandwagon to take on an internship in this field.

Want to intern with a government agency? Here are some tips for making your applications.

Want to apply your skills to a worthy cause and make a valuable contribution to society? Here are some incentives to take on a NGO internship which taps on your professional strengths.

Not all open internships are advertised publicly. Apply speculatively, and you may just get what you seek!

Worried that your internship recruiter will grill you with difficult questions that you might not know how to answer? Don’t worry – we’ve got you.

Before applying for that graduate internship, take some time to reflect on these pros and cons.

Part-time jobs can help you gain the real-world work experience and skills that you need to kickstart your graduate career.

Going for your first internship interview? Make sure you know what to expect, and what is expected of you before walking through that door.

With the right attitude, you can easily make a lasting impression during your internship.

No relevant work experience? No worries. Here are some suggestions on how to beef up your résumé.

Read, understand and implement the following tips to help you shine on your first day.

The end of internship doesn’t always mean the end of your time there. Find out how you can get the most out of your internship in the long run, even beyond your last day.

Looking for work experience but don’t know where to start? Here are some tips on finding an internship position.

”Looking for a fresh graduate with 1 to 2 years’ work experience” – Does this line from a job ad look familiar? Take up an internship to meet this impossible hiring requirement.