First Job

If you know how to thrive in a challenging work environment, it can be a very fulfilling career choice.
Words carry power. At work, they can either help you succeed or be your downfall. Knowing which words and phrases help (and which absolutely don’t) can give you that extra edge in the workplace.
For many fresh graduates in Singapore, finding their first job is important. After all, the right first job can help jump-start your career by giving you access to the knowledge, skills and experience needed to achieve long-term professional success. However, finding the right job can be challenging for fresh graduates in Singapore, especially as a fresh grad in today’s economy. But even with these job market challenges, it’s still possible to find an opportunity that provides personal and professional growth—with Income.
Not all career advice is good advice. It’s important to let go of the bad ones so you can focus on the ones that can actually help you achieve a more fulfilling and happier working life.
Salaries are important, true. But they’re not all you should look at.
Transitioning from school life to the working world may not be easy, but you don’t have to be a nervous wreck about it. Embrace the thrill of adulting, and it can be a very rewarding and hopeful experience!
Kickstart your budding career by creating a positive impression on your first day at work.
Unfortunately, jobs don’t come with handbooks. So, to fill the gap, here’s a short guide to help you!
As a quote we often hear goes, efficiency is at the core of work productivity. But what does it really mean in the workplace? Here are some ways you can explore its meaning.

Knowing how to handle criticism positively is a key part of your growth as you embark on your graduate career. Here are some ways to handle criticism without losing your cool!