Julia gives an insight on what graduates should look out for when applying for opportunities in the organisation.
Julia Koh
Deputy Director Talent Acquisition

In GLOBALFOUNDRIES, we place a great emphasis on graduate hiring. We believe graduates are a key resource in the overall talent and succession strategy for the Company.

We assess our graduates through a holistic approach evaluating the technical / functional competence level as well as social / soft skills. Graduates are also invited to visit us on-site to get a real sense of what it will be like working with us.

We want our future employees to be fully engaged and committed when they join us and be part of the GLOBALFOUNDRIES family.

We want graduates who have a keen interest and passion in the electronics and semiconductors industry. We want them to be excited about the opportunities in the industry and understand that the industry is expansive from front-end to back-end manufacturing, from equipment and materials vendors and suppliers, to precision engineering.

We want graduates who are happy to learn in school and at the workplace, and happy to collaborate with colleagues, peers and managers. Graduates must have a positive and humble attitude and a sense of curiosity and willingness to learn.  

In past years, we have hired the top cream-of-the-crop graduates as well as graduates with average results. Having a holistic mindset, we believe all graduates have an equal opportunity to succeed in the Company and we will facilitate the process.

We are happy to note that, through the years, we have many graduates who have stayed and grown with us and developed into capable technical experts and business managers. We are so proud of them!

GLOBALFOUNDRIES have a structured training programme encompassing the lifecycle of an employee. New employees or graduates go through a thorough induction / orientation programme to help them adapt to the culture, systems and processes. This is followed by an on-job-training (OJT) programme to ensure new employees are trained and comfortable in their new role.

Throughout the subsequent months and years, the Company provides various technical / functional training as well as soft skills training. Employees can choose to focus on a technical career path or a people management path. In both areas, ample training will be provided to facilitate the employee’s growth.

There will be opportunities to participate in various projects and gain different exposure. Employees can build their network among colleagues, exchange ideas and collaborate, and work with team members from other regions globally to solve problems for the Company and get valuable experience in the process.

Culture fit is a key element that we emphasize when hiring. In GLOBALFOUNDRIES, our managers are trained in behaviour based interviewing techniques, and we identify a graduate’s strengths, weaknesses and preference through the interview process.

A graduate goes through at least 2 interviews in the selection process that provides a platform for diversified perspectives. We also want to give the graduate an opportunity to assess the Company and the people they will be working with.

We understand that it takes two hands to clap to make a successful employment relationship and this is emphasized throughout the hiring process where we continue to pro-actively engage the graduates and consult them during the different stages.

Last but not least, GLOBALFOUNDRIES thrives in a Culture of Excellence in Execution and we uphold this mantra throughout most challenges and situations.