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Sector Essentials

Whenever automotive repair engineering is mentioned, most think of manual systems, messy shops and “grease monkeys”. Eric Goh, founder of Motor Edgevantage, is out to change that perception.
Unsure which area of engineering you should focus on? Knowing which engineering sector suits you will help you shortlist relevant job roles and start off your career path on a confident note.
Work experience will impress graduate recruiters and can even help you with career decisions.
The pressure’s on for the industry to embrace the digital transformation and keep up with market demands.
Whether you’re looking for a full-time position or internship, the recruitment process can be long and gruelling. Here’s how you can make your journey a little easier!
Completing postgraduate studies in the engineering sector can open up plenty of new opportunities, but what are some things you should consider before taking the jump?
Sarika advises graduates on key qualities Rolls-Royce Singapore looks for in candidates.
Julia gives an insight on what graduates should look out for when applying for opportunities in the organisation.
Great opportunities and benefits for graduates aren’t just limited to big engineering companies. Smaller engineering employers can offer perks that are just as beneficial, too!
From exploring the different categories under civil engineering to finding out whether working in a firm or consultancy works better for you, here’s a quick wrap of some things to think about if you’re looking at starting your job in this industry.
Engineering employers in Singapore want good graduates, but how do you choose between them? Take some time to think about the industry you want to work in, the career you want to have, and the life you want to lead.
Having an engineering degree doesn’t tie you down to the engineering field forever. Here are some alternatives!
Here’s a snippet of what your career in engineering may look like, from how to get in, to future opportunities and even other career routes you can consider!

Sector Areas of Work

Create a better world through real-world projects and marvel in your dreams coming to life.
Experiment with emerging technologies alongside teams from other disciplines.
Knowledge of software engineering is essential in developing and managing an organisation’s control systems.
Relish the challenge of overcoming environmental concerns and rising costs while driving pharmaceutical drug discoveries and process innovation.
Graduates working in aerospace engineering have the opportunity to take up diverse roles in technically-challenging projects.
Meet customer expectations through superior technical performance, all while pushing this emerging industry to new heights.
Engineers in the pharmaceuticals industry need strong interpersonal skills to work with people from varying backgrounds.
Covering a broad range of disciplines, engineers in this sector have the chance to develop rare alloys or discover brand new materials.
Engineers are the vital link in getting food onto consumers’ tables.
Develop and manage manufacturing processes to reduce costs and wastage while maximising productivity.
Take the opportunity to work around the world on large-scale projects for multinational clients.
Use technical expertise to advise clients on complex engineering matters.
Address issues such as the rising demand for power, or join the search for sustainable sources of energy.
There are many opportunities in a career in oil and gas, though it may require living abroad.
As one of the fast-rising disciplines in the field of engineering, graduates are highly sought-after across different sectors, especially those who aim at specialising their skill set further.

Life on the Job

Working in a male-dominated industry does not faze Ng Siew Leng and Rachel Xie as they share details of their career journey, discuss the lack of women representation in the industry, and offer tips for aspiring engineers.
Software Engineer David Lee and Technician Nice Celine Morales share about the supportive work culture at HOPE Technik, a local engineering SME.