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Latest Jobs in Engineering

Covering a broad range of disciplines, engineers in the materials and metals sector have the chance to develop rare alloys or discover brand new materials.

Engineers are the essential link in getting food to consumers’ tables. There are many job opportunities for graduate engineers, and you may even get the chance to travel!

Graduate engineers in FMCG will develop and manage manufacturing processes to reduce costs and wastage while maximising productivity.

Engineering design and construction careers give graduates the opportunity to work around the world on large-scale projects for multinational clients.

Working in a male-dominated industry does not faze Ng Siew Leng and Rachel Xie as they share details of their career journey, discuss the lack of women representation in the industry, and offer tips for aspiring engineers.

Software Engineer David Lee and Technician Nice Celine Morales share about the supportive work culture at HOPE Technik, a local engineering SME.

The pressure is on for the industry to embrace the digital transformation and keep up with market demands.

Finding graduate engineering jobs and industrial placements can be quite the journey. Here’s some basic advice to help you with your application.

Doing your postgraduate studies can open up plenty of new opportunities, but what are some of the things that you must consider before making your decision?

At Rolls-Royce, "critical thinking" is an essential skill set. Graduates are responsible for developing alternative solutions for high-profile projects and programmes.