Early Career

Starting your first day at work is always going to be nerve-wrecking, but there are ways to manage your anxiety.
Everybody makes mistakes sometimes, but knowing when and how to say sorry can go a long way in maintaining good relations with the people you work with.
In a workforce where paths aren’t as linear as they used to be, what does it mean to be flexible, and what can you do to develop it?
Making your next career move takes careful consideration and preparation.
In the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic, career switching has become more common. If you want to make the leap, Farshad Ismail and Chua Huimin have some advice for you.
Good news, you’ve graduated with your humanities degree! Bad news – your studies seem entirely unrelated to the role you want to apply for. What now?
Do you have the issue of “one degree, too many career options”? Trust us, it’s a good problem to have.
Instead of just complaining about your daily boring office commute, consider putting that available time to good use.
Are you interested to join the hospitality industry? Dr Luciano Lopez discusses the current hospitality industry trends and the opportunities in this sector that young graduates can expect.
Having a good working relationship with your boss may not be an explicit requirement to succeed, but it’ll definitely make your work life more bearable.