Finding Suitable Roles in Banking and Financial Services

Banks may be the first thing many think of when this sector is mentioned, but there is actually a lot more to this industry.
Gradsingapore Author Team
The Gradsingapore team

While banks offer both companies individuals the necessary financial advice and financial management products such as loans, insurance and accounts on a daily basis, there is another, related part of this industry. Although it is a part not many see, it is still a crucial and important one, including underwriting, reinsurance and financial regulations, where experts ensure services remain fair and safe.


While the more visible graduate employers in the banking and financial services industry include retail and commercial banks as well as insurance and reinsurance companies, there are other options.

Graduate jobseekers can turn to regulatory bodies and firms that specialise in certain areas of financial services such as underwriting and actuarial consulting.


In this sector, clients range from individual retail banks serve to organisations that require a spectrum of financial services on a day-to-day basis.

Firms that specialise in financial services would also provide clients – corporate or otherwise – with a range of services and may also offer advice.

The banking and financial services sector, with its strong focus on customer service – is one that is presently expanding, and graduates have the opportunity to take on more responsibilities earlier in their careers.

The benefits of going into financial services are many, though the sector can be intensely competitive. To that end, before looking to enter the industry ensure you have the skills employers are looking for.