5 Basic Tips to Start Your Resume

There are many tips out there when it comes to resume-writing, but you need to ensure you have these 5 key elements to start your resume right.
The gradsingapore Team
The gradsingapore Team

5 Basic Tips to Start your Resume

Resumes can come in a variety of formats – such as the chronological, skills-based, combination and alternative resumes. Each format has their pros and cons, but if you’re not very sure which to use even after doing your research, stick to the common chronological resume. This format will be the easiest for you to use. It’s the one most people are used to, plus it’s reader-friendly and easily customisable!

Regardless of the format you choose, remember that the idea behind its presentation remains the same. What you need to do is to adapt the various elements of the format and tailor its contents to highlight your skills and distinguish yourself from other applicants!

This article will share the five basic principles of crafting an effective resume, but first, here’s a sample chronological resume for you to refer to.

Crafting effective resume sample

1. Make your name stand out

One of the first ways you can craft an effective resume is to make your name easy to find! Do this by making your name stand out with either upper-case letters or using enlarged and bolded font. Don’t overuse the large font size; it should only be used sparingly, such as for your name.

5 basic tips to start your resume_Make your name stand out

2. Action verbs are your best friends

Using action verbs help readers to better visualise and understand what you’re saying. When it comes to resume-writing, action verbs make it easier for you to persuade and convince recruiters of your capabilities and strengths. For example, instead of saying “Project was led by me”, you can instead use “I executed the project in a team of 4”.

5 basic tips to start your resume_Action verbs are your best friends

3. Use numbers to show off your achievements

Don’t just pat yourself on the back, ensure that every point you have written about yourself has been substantiated with evidence. Try to measure your impact in terms of numbers when you were an employee or intern in previous companies. For example, if you helped expand a client pool in your previous role, state how many clients you brought on board.

5 basic tips to start your resume_Use numbers to show off your achievements

4. Stand out with your hobbies and interests

As a fresh graduate, chances are you don’t have a lengthy work history to really entice recruiters with. This is where including your hobbies and other interests will play a part in helping them get to know you beyond your education and short work history. However, you should still be strategic about this instead of just listing any hobby or interest. For example, if you are applying to work at a travel-related publication, you should list “Traveling around the world” as one of your hobbies.

5 basic tips to start your resume_Stand out with your hobbies and interests

5. Include the right references!

It’s always a plus point to include references on your resume. They could be your direct supervisors during your last internship stint or one of your professors you’ve been working close with. But if you have a choice, only include references that you know will give you glowing recommendations. In any case, before you include them in your resume, always ask them for permission first.

5 basic tips to start your resume_Include the right references