Applications and CVs

Here's a guide on how to write the best job applications, graduate résumés, CVs, and cover letters.

If an employer requests a resume, they’ll normally want a cover letter too. Take this opportunity to showcase your skills and enthusiasm – it can make a big difference to the success of your job application!

What does FDM’s recruitment process involve? Here’s a handy guide with tips to help you get one step closer to your dream job! 

Glaring gaps on your resume and job application are bound to raise questions. Here are some tips on how you can explain them.

Discover our answers to commonly asked questions about graduate résumés and pick up tips on how you can impress employers with a strong one.

Many advice columns have emphasised the need to customise your resume to the job you’re applying to. Now, it’s time to put the advice into action.

Professional references for your job application are difficult to get when you don’t have much work experience as a fresh graduate, but there are ways you can go around it.

Will including your hobbies boost or hurt your chances of a successful job application?

Check out our quick guide on creating an attractive portfolio for your job application.

Employer research is crucial if you want to succeed in your graduate job hunt. Don't even think about starting a job application or a résumé without it!

A good résumé is essential to getting the graduate job you want, so take the time to get it right.

Using good, concise English is the key to getting your message across quickly to recruiters.

It might be a good idea to learn to write those sweet somethings to delight 'em recruiters...

If you write a speculative application that starts with "Dear Sir/Madam" then you might as well start it with the words "Put me through the shredder!"

Emailing recruiters should never be a casual affair. Discover the key errors that you should keep an eye out for.

Did something go horribly wrong over the course of your studies and did your grades take a hit? Here’s some advice on how you can let employers know why you were unable to perform at your best.

If you are an international student, you may be able to stay and work in Singapore after you graduate! 

How important are personal statements for fresh graduates? Learn about personal statements and when you should use them. 

Need to organise yourself so you can create a dozen well thought-out applications for individual employers while still getting your class assignments turned in? Take a tip from an unlikely source – the chefs at your favourite restaurant!

Successful cover letters don’t just flatter recruiters and hardsell yourself. Find out what you should avoid in a cover letter for an internship or graduate job and why.

Whether you want to promote your skills, your experiences, a combination of the two, or you simply want to make an effect – there's a résumé for every occasion.