Why is it So Important to Qualify as a Professional Accountant?

Getting those letters after your name represents more than your achievements – it represents the skills at your disposal.
Gradsingapore Author Team
The Gradsingapore team

Though it involves a high level of difficulty and the lofty standards of accountancy qualifications means you will have to study very hard, earning a qualification from a recognised professional body in the accountancy sector affords you more benefits than drawbacks. For instance, you can prove to prospective employers and clients that you not only have the necessary skills and training needed to do your job well, but that you also have the discipline to persevere through such a vigorous course.

The designated letters that will be added behind your name will also give you a degree of prestige, and can be the vital difference between a successful career and stagnation.

Moreover, in Singapore, there is no need to earn a degree before becoming an accountant – instead, you can opt to pursue professional qualifications, such as an ACCA.

In the sector

Singapore’s accountancy sector boasts several professional bodies, from those that specialise in certain areas to others that cover all aspects of accountancy.

It takes approximately three years to earn a qualification from a professional body, and usually involves a number of examinations and practical work experience. While it is possible to study full-time at an academic institution without working, membership with professional bodies usually cannot be gained without some work experience.

Because of this, in Singapore, most choose to study and work concurrently, and most employers are willing to give time for you to study.

Making a choice

While your employer may influence the professional qualification you choose, if a choice is given or you are deciding which employer to work for that offers different qualifications, future career plans should be taken into account.

There is no one qualification easier than another – all adhere to high standards. Instead, the differences actually lie in your chosen area of employment, the syllabus and training.

However, no matter the qualification you choose, membership of a professional body will not only show prospective employers your drive and ambition, but also equip you with the skills needed for a successful career in accountancy.