Which role is best for you in the accountancy and financial management sector?

The accountancy and financial management sector is a famously broad and deep one, with roles for everyone – you just need to find yours.
Gradsingapore Author Team
The Gradsingapore Team

No matter the size of the business in question, one thing is certain – expertise is needed to manage finances and make sure the numbers all add up and tally, managing liquidated cash and unliquidated assets, and keeping an eye on the profit margin. Additionally, financial advice can also influence an organisation’s strategy and direction.


While the sector is full of employers that range from smaller businesses that specialise in a few areas of accountancy and financial management to large multinational companies that offer a wide range of services, other options are available, namely the public sector or a firm in any industry that needs accountancy expertise.

Even after you have chosen the best employer for yourself, you will likely find that there is a broad range of roles available for you as well, from financial management to forensic accountancy and even risk assessment.


Your clientele, however, will depend on the employer you have chosen. If you choose to work for an organisation that specialises in providing services, whether accountancy-related or professional, or both, you will deal with other businesses looking for expertise, advice, or both.

If you have elected to work for a firm within an industry, you would likely be expected to provide your employer with internal services instead, and in the public sector, you will oversee taxpayers’ money and ensuring it is used for public good.

But at the end of the day, accountancy and financial management are at the heart of every business, and have direct impacts on how they are run and their future direction. Different companies may look for different skills and competencies, but this should not be a hurdle in entering the sector – or earning an internationally recognised qualification for accountancy.