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Sector Essentials

A breakdown on what accountancy and financial management are about.
Have a look at the accountancy and financial management industry before you take a dive into potential companies and roles.
Getting those letters after your name represents more than just your achievements – it represents the skills at your disposal.
Being successful in accountancy isn’t restricted to just being good with numbers, but also with soft skills, like communication.
An ability to work with numbers is just the tip of the iceberg – you need other skill sets too if you want to succeed in this sector.
Choose an area of accountancy to specialise in that best fits your skills and traits!
If you’re good with numbers and love to organise figures on spreadsheets, there’s definitely a role for you in the accountancy and financial management sector. It’s just a matter of choosing the area that appeals to you the most.
There are plenty of opportunities in the finance field, and as much competition. Here’s how to stand out.
People-centric and future-ready, PwC Singapore offers smart and flexible work life.
Jocelyn gives an insight on what it takes to excel the hiring selection processes at BDO LLP.
From the size and working culture of the organisation to the kinds of study packages on offer, consider these criteria to determine which graduate job in accountancy is the best fit for you.
Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of pursuing an accountancy postgraduate programme to help you decide if it’s worth the investment.
If you think you’re fluent in the “language of businesses”, or accounting, and are looking for a graduate job in the industry, here are some tips to get you started.
Employers won't expect you to sound like an industry veteran in job interviews, but it will help if you know some accounting and financial management buzzwords.

Sector Areas of Work

Assess and evaluate the performance of an organisation.
Comprising of lead advisory, transaction support and compliance roles, corporate finance helps businesses increase capital and shareholder value.
Perform “investigative” duties during internal and external audits for companies.
The “treasurer” that looks to keep immediate cash for priorities and necessities.
Use financial expertise to make informed business decisions and drive change within organisations on a strategic level.
Helping clients and companies adhere to taxation demands and laws.
Troubleshooting and catching commercial risks early to ensure maximum turnover.
Conduct “housekeeping” of a company and ensure accounts remain accurate and organised.
Performing investigative processes to expose frauds and illegitimate financial practices is part of a day’s work.
Bring afflicted businesses back to health.
Manage and guide a firm’s cash flow and revenue generation for maximum profit.

Life on the Job