Multiple Job Offers: Juggling Expertly

Your performance in the recruitment process impressed more than one graduate employer, and now everyone wants you! Now, how do you manage such a situation?
The gradsingapore Team
The gradsingapore Team
Juggling Multiple Job Offers Expertly

After several rounds of interviews, your first job offer is in! Your efforts have finally paid off, and you’re ecstatic. But then you get another call – and find out that you’ve landed a second one!

Multiple job offers are an indication of your (top-quality) competence, so it’s a good problem to have. But if you don’t handle them properly, it can go downhill very fast.

In many cases, juggling multiple job means tactful management of your recruiters, so here are some things that you will need to consider in the off-chance that you land yourself two or more job offers!

If all your offers are in

This is often the best situation you can hope for. If all your offers are in and on the table, then all that’s left is for you to compare them and make a decision.

There are several criteria you can use to compare offers. One is the salary offered, but remember to go past that as well. Consider training and progression opportunities, health benefits, additional compensations and type of office culture.

In other words, choose the offer with the best opportunities that you’re most comfortable with.

Juggling multiple job offers expertly_if all your offers are in

When you have an offer, but more interviews lined up

These circumstances are more complicated as it will require you to stall for time before you respond to the offer, and hurry your second recruiter a little. Most employers will understand your predicament, and won’t mind giving you some extra time. But don’t make up lies just to stall for time! This will compromise your integrity, and may spoil your reputation as a jobseeker and employee.

If the recruiters you have interviews lined up with are unable to give you an earlier interview or verdict, then you will have to make a decision on whether you want to accept your first offer or not.

Once you’ve come to a decision, notify all your recruiters.

Juggling multiple job offers expertly_when you have an offer but more interviews lined up

Don’t renege

Your acceptance is a contract between you and the employer, and reneging a contract can mar your reputation irreversibly. It’s also crucial that you understand that once you’ve accepted a contract, it’s unethical to join the recruitment processes of other companies.

Juggling multiple job offers expertly_Don't renege

Communicate and build bridges

Professional communication is very important, especially when you’re discussing and negotiating with employers. For instance, don’t try to pit them against each other. Contrary to popular belief, rival companies are not enemies – their recruiters know each other, and will talk among themselves.

Juggling multiple job offers expertly_Communicate and build bridges