Accepting and Rejecting Offers

Not getting the role you interviewed for stings, and it’s easy to immediately blame yourself. But sometimes, not everything is within your control.
It can be hard to figure out what you should do when job offers come in, especially when they don’t meet your standards or expectations.
While not the only factor to help you decide on whether to take up a job offer, pay is still a major factor.
It takes a lot of courage to negotiate money matters with your recruiters, but with enough research and practice, you should be able to engage in an informed discussion to settle on your financial worth.
Your performance in the recruitment process impressed more than one graduate employer, and now everyone wants you! Now, how do you manage such a situation?
Sabbaticals, golden hello, pension plan? What are all these? Be confused no longer!
Although rejection can be quite a painful experience, you can benefit from it by asking recruiters who interviewed you for feedback. You can then use it in time to improve for your next interview.
Nobody likes being told their job application was unsuccessful. But with the right mindset and attitude, you can turn this experience into a learning opportunity and snag that dream job.
So you've been invited to fill that job role you really wanted... along with that other one that you reaaaally wanted too. What do you do when it all goes horribly right?