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Work can be a pain sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you should feel threatened or unsafe in your own workplace. In the event of workplace bullying, here’s what you can do to stand up for yourself.
Represent and protect Singapore’s and its citizens’ interests abroad – all while maintaining international relations.
What if you're interested in the education sector, except that you don't want to be a teacher? Fret not – there are plenty of non-teaching roles that you can consider.

Accepting and Rejecting Offers

Not getting the role you interviewed for stings, and it’s easy to immediately blame yourself. But sometimes, not everything is within your control.
It can be hard to figure out what you should do when job offers come in, especially when they don’t meet your standards or expectations.
While not the only factor to help you decide on whether to take up a job offer, pay is still a major factor.

Applications and CVs

Although they’re undoubtedly useful, are they absolutely necessary for a resume?
If you're looking to join a tech start-up, Puja Shah shares tips on how you can spruce up your job applications.
If you can relate your hobbies to your dream job, then including them in your resume can give you the leg up you need to catch the recruiter’s attention.

Assessment Centres

As much as assessment centres remind you of The Apprentice, they aren’t. So you don’t have to worry about audiences judging you!
Prepare for this boring – but essential – part of the interview process.
You won’t be "seen" in the board room, and you won’t be the victim of an on-screen sacking. So don’t feel obliged to behave like you’re taking part in reality TV.

Early Career

Work can be a pain sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you should feel threatened or unsafe in your own workplace. In the event of workplace bullying, here’s what you can do to stand up for yourself.
There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do more, but if you find yourself being stretched too thin, you might be engaging in toxic productivity.
It is not always easy to be productive at work, but it’s not impossible either.

Internships and Work Experience

Sometimes, having a less hectic school semester can allow you the opportunity to take up an internship during your downtime. But is it the right move for you?
It can be hard to squeeze in a part-time job when you're still in school, but everyone can do with extra cash. Here are some ways to earn some money with a side hustle.
Wondering where you can get the experience and skills needed to give you an advantage in your job search? Try volunteering!

Interview Tips and Techniques

It’s a dreaded question for plenty of interviewees, but with the right strategy, you won’t need a crystal ball to answer it.
Preparing for and going through a job interview can be a lot of work, but it doesn’t end the moment you walk out of the interview room.
At first glance, these questions might seem out of place or just meant to put you on the spot. But the truth is that every interview question has its purpose, even if it doesn’t seem obvious. So how do you deal with them?

Planning Your Job Search

Duke-NUS’ Associate Professor Joshua Gooley highlights the link between sleep and performance.
The Dyson-SUTD Innovation Studios will serve as a space where SUTD students, under the mentorship of Dyson engineers, will develop hardware and software-driven solutions to the world’s problems.
Just because there’s generally less fanfare over humanities (compared to other more “glamourous” disciplines such as STEM) doesn’t mean humanities graduates are unemployable.

Polytechnic Students and Graduates

As a diploma holder, you may not know that you are highly sought after by employers, with your specialised skills and training acquired in your polytechnic years. Do you know what sets you apart as a diploma holder looking for a job?
Need some time off to think about what’s next after polytechnic? Taking a gap year might just be a remedy for some of you. Having some time and freedom to hone some skills and boost your confidence helps in shaping your future plans.
Heading into the workforce right after graduation from polytechnic? Here is a guide on how you can start your professional journey on the right note to launch your career.