Graduate Careers Advice

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What skills are needed in emerging technologies? How can you build them?
Build your resilience to help you get through any crisis!
Working for a company that fits your values can be just as important as getting the perfect job role.

Accepting and Rejecting Offers

While not the only factor to help you decide on whether to take up a job offer, pay is still a major factor.
It takes a lot of courage to negotiate money matters with your recruiters, but with enough research and practice, you should be able to engage in an informed discussion to settle on your financial worth.
Your performance in the recruitment process impressed more than one graduate employer, and now everyone wants you! Now, how do you manage such a situation?

Applications and CVs

In this article, Kat shares what she looks for when reviewing applications and tells you how you can stand out from the crowd.
Every standard resume template seems to include a “Work Experiences” section. But as a student or new graduate, you don’t have work experience! What’s your next step then?
Your resume is the first step to capturing a recruiter’s attention. This is why it’s important to develop a successful resume before kick-starting your job-hunting experience.

Assessment Centres

As much as assessment centres remind you of The Apprentice, they aren’t. So you don’t have to worry about audiences judging you!
Prepare for this boring – but essential – part of the interview process.
You won’t be "seen" in the board room, and you won’t be the victim of an on-screen sacking. So don’t feel obliged to behave like you’re taking part in reality TV.

First Job

Build your resilience to help you get through any crisis!
Working for a company that fits your values can be just as important as getting the perfect job role.
Learn how to maintain your mental health and power through to success!

Internships and Work Experience

“The opportunities that come with the MA role are appealing as the job rotations will help me develop breadth of knowledge and identify the scope of work that best fits me, while also building both depth and breadth in my technical competencies.”
Wondering where you can get the experience and skills needed to give you an advantage in your job search? Try volunteering!
Discover how Angeline Zhang and Elijah Ho started their Day 1 at Procter & Gamble.

Interview Tips and Techniques

A job interview can tell you a lot more about a company and its office culture than you think, if you know what signs to look out for.
As live video interviews over Zoom or other conferencing apps becomes the new normal, learn how to handle them with ease!
As the job market becomes increasingly competitive and work styles give way to more agile working practices, many companies now conduct phone interviews as part of their recruitment process. We’re here to shed some light on what candidates can expect during an FDM graduate programme telephone interview with one of our recruiters.

Planning Your Job Search

There are ways to suss out a company culture before saying “yes” to the role!
If clinching a job could be likened to winning a chess game, you’d want to use these five transferable skills to capture your recruiter’s attention and ultimately checkmate for the position!
Hint: High salary isn’t the most important reason to sign on that dotted line.

Polytechnic Students and Graduates

As a diploma holder, you may not know that you are highly sought after by employers, with your specialised skills and training acquired in your polytechnic years. Do you know what sets you apart as a diploma holder looking for a job?
Need some time off to think about what’s next after polytechnic? Taking a gap year might just be a remedy for some of you. Having some time and freedom to hone some skills and boost your confidence helps in shaping your future plans.
Heading into the workforce right after graduation from polytechnic? Here is a guide on how you can start your professional journey on the right note to launch your career.