FDM Group: How to Get Hired

Jaslyn advices on the attributes FDM Group looks for when selecting potential candidates.
Jaslyn Teo
Singapore Graduate Recruiter

Please describe the assessment process for applicants to your organisation.

  1. Apply online
  2. Phone interview
  3. Assessment Centre

What are the skill sets you look for in fresh graduate applicants?

  • A degree in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics related discipline
  • Determination to build a successful career in IT and finance
  • Excellent written and spoken English, with strong interpersonal skills

Please give us an example of an area which your organisation is focusing on in developing talents.

  • A personally tailored learning pathway including fully-funded training and award-winning industry skills development
  • Commercial experience working on site with our vast client base
  • Fast-track career progression

Does your company have a structured graduate programme?

FDM is a global network and by joining the Programme you will benefit from the years of international experience and industry expertise that the company has gained as well as its renowned reputation.

How do you identify culture fit during the recruitment process?

FDM is committed to championing diversity in the workplace and enjoys a community rich with different cultures, nationalities and academic backgrounds. FDM proudly champions women in IT and actively encourages and supports females pursuing a career in technology.

Please describe your company's culture in three words.

Diverse, Ambition, Energy.