Learn the basics of Figma and its applications in digital design!

Design is an up-and-coming industry in Singapore, with more companies recognising its importance to spur innovation and stay relevant.

Designing is a very important element for any business organisation. Through this workshop, you will learn to apply the double-diamond design framework to solicit ideas from users, generate concepts, prototype designs and gather feedback as part of the iterative process of design. Additionally, you will discover alternative ways of problem-solving, framing and developing innovative solutions to tackle thematic opportunities.




What can you expect?

During the first half of the workshop, we will be using an interactive ideation tool, Rolljak, to experience the design process first-hand. For the second half, we will have a short demonstration on how we use Figma to prototype the user interface and experience of a web application. 

You will experience first-hand how to generate ideas rapidly and digitise them using a mix of gamification and creativity tools. This rapid ideation tactic will also help you facilitate cross-pollination and collaboration of ideas to generate prototypes efficiently. You will also learn the basics of Figma and its applications in digital design.




Expected learning outcomes

  • General design process
  • Using offline tools for usability testing
  • Planning and investigating usability tests
  • Low-fidelity wireframing
  • Information hierarchy in constructing UI
  • Building high-fidelity prototypes in Figma
  • Developing functional design with interactive prototyping

Which expert will be guiding me?


Lee Tat Lin

Tat Lin is a passionate designer and innovator who has worked on multiple award-winning projects in the fields of design, engineering and architecture. He has since embarked on cross-disciplinary projects between the physical space and the digital realm, where much of the principles in design overlap. 

Tat Lin was the pioneer batch of graduates from the Singapore University of Technology and Design, majoring in Engineering Product Development. He stumbled into the fields of design through work experiences, such as the Interlocking Pavilion that won Best of Category in the international A&D Trophy Awards, the Interlocking Table that won Bronze in the A’Design Awards, and the Evolving Joinery exhibition that was showcased at the National Design Centre. 

His journey in design is extended to consumer products with the launch of the Kickstarter game, Potato Pirates 2, Enter The Spudnet and Rolljak, an educational and creativity platform. Tat Lin is also active in industrial design endeavours, having designed several unique awards, among them the Singapore Good Design 2020.

How can I attend?

To maximise the learning outcomes of all attendees, the workshop will be capped at a maximum of 150 attendees

Pre-register now before slots run out!

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