'Show Me My Type!' Enneagram Workshop

(1:30PM - 2:15PM) 

The Enneagram is a dynamic, growth-oriented roadmap that offers in-depth insights to pinpoint an individual's blind spots, core fears and desires. This helps to facilitate growth through specific and personalised coaching and guidance. It opens a pathway to self-discovery and greater personal awareness, rather than boxing people up.

Show Me My Type! Enneagram Workshop

This Enneagram workshop conducted by Relationship Studio will allow you to explore and learn about your Enneagram Type and understand what motivates you in your decisions, emotions, choice in career and more. Discover the blind spots that may hinder your growth and once you know, to get out of the box!

What can you expect?

  • Understanding the various Enneagram Personality Type

    • What drives the 9 Enneagram types
    • Strengths and weaknesses of each Enneagram type
    • Understand how each Enneagram type function 
  • Explore and discover your Enneagram personality type

  • Group discussions on Enneagram types and the possible 'irritating behaviours' of each type

  • Understand what job roles are associated with or fit your Enneagram type 


Which expert will be guiding me?

Vivien is a certified ACTA Trainer and Enneagram Coach passionate about empowering individuals with effective communication and leadership skills. Her corporate workshops have also equipped organisations to reach their maximum potential and improve workplace cohesiveness through practical people management tools.

Through overcoming a dark past and her powerful life message, she has inspired thousands and helped many clients make lasting positive transformation in their life.

How can I attend?

Registration is open to all NUS students. Pre-register now and find out more about yourself today!

Can't get enough?

Get your personality type read at Relationship Studio's booth

People are instinctively interested to know more about themselves and what suits their personality. Tapping on Relationship Studio's very own Enneagram Personality Typing Card together with the in-depth experience of their certified Enneagram coaches, gain deeper insights into both your personal and professional development!


Check them out at their booth after the workshop!