Reimagining Information Technology (IT) in the New Normal 

(12:30 PM - 1:15PM) 

As the world anxiously waits for relief from COVID-19, a new generation of workers is being introduced to the workforce and getting ready to face the challenges of the new world.

During these difficult times, companies and industry players in the tech industry must stay competitive or run the risk of being left behind. So what does it take to thrive in the tech industry in this new normal? The participants in this panel discussion come from different technology backgrounds to discuss the upcoming technology trends and what they mean to the industry.

Our Panelists



Dr. Sanjeev Solanki has more than a decade-long experience in technology research and development and has worked on varieties of topics under data privacy, security and storage. He has obtained a Ph.D. from National University of Singapore (NUS), ECE department on holographic storage technology and later moved on to cover more topics on data storage device, systems and data safety as a Scientific Analyst at A*STAR. Currently, he leads his team at Acronis Singapore Headquarter on cybersecurity projects like data privacy and security to deal with data related risks in growing cloud computing environments. His research interest span across enabling secure and privacy preserving data computing using technologies like cryptography, blockchain and AI (storage, malware, code etc.).


Jimmy has 20 years of experience in consulting and business-IT implementations.  He is passionate about using technology to enable business transformation. With a strong focus on enterprise blockchain, he aims to use this technology beyond the realms of crypto to connect business ecosystems.



Chunrui is an experienced leader driving Software Development in global technology companies, across consumer electronics and automotive industries, in the last 15 years. She is involved in software product development, technology roadmap and strategy for the Embedded Software team for Dyson in Southeast Asia. Her focus is to drive software development throughout the product development life cycle for Dyson machines across categories.