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gradsingapore Internship Guide 2024

From resume writing tips to current available internship postings, the Internship Career Guide 2024 offers valuable step-by-step resources and information to help students and young adults take their first step in shaping their career.

gradsingapore STEM Career Guide 2024

The STEM sector is made up of scientists and mathematicians who work with theory and engineers who thrive on practical applications, as well as technologists who build and design things. In this guide, we focus on graduate areas of work in engineering and IT and technology, to help you find your ideal career and employer in the sector.

gradsingapore How to Get Hired 2024

Whether you are fresh from school and ready to enter the working world, or if you have a few years of experience under your belt already, the gradsingapore How to Get Hired Guide is here for you. Use this guide to craft fruitful job applications, chart your career game plan, and cross hurdles at job interviews.


gradsingapore Finance Career Guide 2024

Looking to join the growing financial sector in Singapore and the region? Discover the Financial Services, Accountancy & Financial Management, and Banking & Investment industries to assess where your skills, talents and interests fit in best.

Singapore's 100 Leading Graduate Employers 2023

This guide features the most comprehensive survey of Singapore’s employers and what students want from their graduate careers. More than 11,500 students participated in the national survey that determined Singapore’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers this year. Get a clear look at intriguing employment trends on the market alongside the ranking of top employers across all career sectors in Singapore.

Fin+Tech Guide 2022

gradsingapore's Fintech Guide 2022 aims to provide a quick explanation on what fintech is all about, debunking its myths, and understanding its role in changing the world. While this guide offers a quick overview of fintech, we hope that it’ll spark an interest in our readers to further explore the sector in depth, or perhaps even consider it as a career choice.