Accountancy and Financial Management

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Advice for Accountancy and Financial Management

Employer Insight

Young graduates are generally energetic and enthusiastic. Having the right attitude and good academic foundation will enable fresh graduates to develop the relevant expertise quickly.

Career Advice

Helping clients and business organisations reconcile between taxation demands and tax laws.

Career Advice

Troubleshooting and catching commercial risks before they even happen to ensure maximum turnover.


Graduate Stories

Brynner graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Accounting and Finance) at University of London. He is also an Accredited Tax Practitioner (Income Tax) with Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax Professionals Limited (SIATP).
Jayner graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Information Systems Management) at Singapore Management University (SMU).
Tania graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Accountancy, with Honours) at National University of Singapore (NUS).