What you can learn/ gain:

  • Ability to attract and seek out new talents and professionals suitable for the job in mind
  • Screening of candidates to review the suitability capability
  • Ability to maintain healthy working relationships with colleagues as well as clients
  • Professional communication skills
  • Opportunities for career progression through outstanding performance


Job Scope:

  • Headhunting suitable candidates that fulfils the job description as required
  • Assessing the competence of such potential candidates
  • Proper scheduling for both candidates and clients to facilitate smooth flow of hiring
  • Building long term business relationships with stakeholders



  • “People person” with the ability to communicate effectively with candidates as well as clients
  • Ability to work in a quick-paced environment
  • Cheerful and optimistic personality to influence the relevant stakeholders
  • Bachelor Degree in any discipline
  • No prior experience needed