Digital Design is a role that is leveraged to create new levels of consumer experiences and technology designs. This capability uses various design skills like graphic design, video design, motion graphics, interactive design and animation to express technical elements of superior hair care and truly bring technology to life for concepts, consumer research, pack visuals, copy development, demo development and Point of Sale materials.

The unique Digital Design skill set includes:

  • Creating both 2D and 3D visuals and animations to bring new-to-the-world product concepts to life.
  • Able to shoot, edit, and composite video and motion graphics.
  • Develop graphics and user interface designs for interactive media used to deploy visualizations for consumer research.
  • Must be at least familiar with relevant basic interactive technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash, etc.) and possess an understanding of how to prepare images for networked systems.
  • Develop new consumer research techniques leveraging interactive design and graphic design skills.
  • Visualize complex information/technology systems.


  • Pursing BS or BA in Design with minimum 25% modules in arts related subjects
  • Understanding of film and photography principles, studio setups and equipment; preferably with practical experience.
  • Proficiency in design software such as:
    • Adobe creative suite (Photoshop, Premier Pro, After Effects)
    • 3D max or Cinema 4D
  • Portfolio that demonstrates design expertise
  • Requires strong project management skills. The candidate must be able to demonstrate the ability to successfully manage projects, with different levels of involvement. Ability to set and maintain priorities in managing multiple projects. You should be able to self-direct, and take on ownership for your work.
  • Proactive leadership skills and the ability to identify design opportunities that can impact the business. This role requires a person who is an excellent and effective communicator and is able to collaborate with, influence and enroll multiple functions to deliver great design solutions.
  • Passion for the integration of design with consumer insights with a desire to experiment and explore new ideas. The candidate must be able to connect consumer insights, technology, socio-cultural and market trends in meaningful ways to uniquely solve design challenges.
  • Able to join the internship program in Singapore, for a period of at least 24 weeks during semester breaks.