Job Description

As a Foreign Service Administration Specialist, you will enjoy variety, challenge and job rotations in a dynamic environment, and may aspire to play a role in MFA’s middle management. Depending on performance, you will benefit from merit increments, performance bonus and retention incentives. After three to four years in our headquarters, you can be considered for posting at one of our Overseas Missions, where your duties include functions in finance, human resource management, estate procurement, contracting and management, and communications.

While at our headquarters, you will play a critical role in supporting any of the following:


Advise and help distressed overseas Singaporeans who may have suffered a demise, lost travel documents or may have been detained, arrested, ill and address consular issues raised by foreigners.

Corporate Services

Provide administrative support in procurement, travel, relocation and estate management, and may review workflow systems and promote quality management programmes.


Support budget and resource management, financial monitoring and controlling, and internal audit.

Human Resource

Help attract, retain and develop talent through formulating, reviewing and implementing a range of human resource functions ranging from recruitment to performance evaluation, management, development and remuneration.


Plan and execute programmes of incoming and outgoing dignitaries, and address issues relating to diplomatic privileges and immunities for foreign diplomatic missions in Singapore. 

Public Affairs

Help in communications regarding MFA’s mission, maintain our Internet presence, organize media events, coordinate the design and production of in-house publications and monitor news and commentaries.

Technical Cooperation

Liaise with and source for training providers for smooth implementation of courses and study visits by trainees, help develop course curriculum, administer and evaluate courses, and allocate training places.


You must be a Singapore Citizen with at least a Polytechnic Diploma.

We are looking for candidates with good interpersonal, communication, planning and organisational skills. Candidates should also be able to adapt to diverse working environments and meet the challenges of working overseas.

While related working experience is preferred, candidates with no experience may also apply.