Job Description

As a digital design engineer in VLSI Frontend Design team he will be involved in large scale of system-on-chip SOC and digital intellectual property IP development, from the contribution at the early stage of design conceptual definition and hardware macro-architecture to digital logic design implementation, low-power friendly coding, functional verification, register transfer level RTL design quality check, RTL power analysis/optimization. The main areas of responsibility as Frontend Digital Design Engineer include:- IC design and EDA knowledge- Register-transfer level RTL design implementation- Functional simulation and debugging, code coverage analysis- Function block/module development for SOC and IP integration and release- RTL design quality and timing checking- RTL power analysis and optimization


  • Candidates should have a BS or MS degree in
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Computer Engineering or equivalent related field.


  • Good knowledge in logic design and implementation,
  • RTL simulation
    • Digital Signal Processing DSP wireless communication knowledge
    • RTL design and integration in Verilog/VHDL hardware description language -
  • Experience with following EDA tools or similar:
    • Spyglass for linting, RDC/CDC
    • PowerArtist for RTL power analysis and optimization
    • Simulation tool: NCSIM or/and VCS
  • Good communication skills
  • Strong problem-solving skills

Inside this Business Group

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