Ng Kian Yong
R&D Engineer

My company and job

Together with a team of engineers in the Infocomm Security Technology section, I provide end-to-end solutions for information security operations.

Getting the job

I always wanted a career in R&D, so I sought Prof. Chang Ee-Chien's (my final year project supervisor at NUS) advice on possible career opportunities, and he recommended I approach CSIT.

During an NUS career fair, I spoke to some of CSIT's engineers, and learned more about the centre. I decided to apply for a position with them, and after clearing a technical test and two rounds of interviews, I received a job offer from CSIT.

The best bits

I have awesome colleagues - people who care about each another's well-being at work and outside of work. I also enjoy the technical challenges encountered in the course of my R&D work. That's why I'm here!

Be prepared

Be ready for work and efforts that do not always yield tangible returns. In the R&D field, outcomes can be unprecedented, and success is not 100% guaranteed. Still, you need to combine your instincts and skills to innovate and overcome these technical challenges. Be patient and persevere.

Some advice

Applying for internships at CSIT is a great way to gain valuable industrial experience. This is a good opportunity to gauge your level of interest in the field of software security R&D. You aren't expected to know everything there is about the job right after graduation, but such valuable industrial exposure will allow you to excel during interviews.