Central Provident Fund Board (CPFB)
To enable Singaporeans to have a secure retirement, through lifelong income, healthcare financing and home financing.

About this Employer

The CPF Board collects monthly CPF contributions from employers and safeguards them for CPF members. We also manage CPF schemes, which enable CPF members to meet their housing, healthcare and retirement needs.

The CPF is a comprehensive social security savings plan that encompasses the following:

Jobs & Internships

The CPF Board is seeking suitable individuals who possess good interpersonal and communication skills. Individuals must be able to multi-task in a fast-paced environment, work independently and as a team player.

Graduate Jobs

Graduate Stories

Alastair graduated with a Bachelor of Computing (Honours) in Electronic Commerce at National University of Singapore (NUS).
Wan Jing graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Nanyang Technological University (NTU).
Julius graduated with a B.Eng. in Computer Science at Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Employer - Insights

Employer Insight

CPF Board offers a myriad of opportunities filled with invigorating challenges. We provide graduates with the perfect podium to positively impact the lives of Singaporeans.

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