Alyssa Ng Shu Hui

Manager (Media and Communications Unit)
Alyssa graduated with a Bachelor of Social Sciences, Second Class Honours (Upper) in Political Science at National University of Singapore (NUS).

My company and my job

AGC is the legal adviser to the Singapore government. While most people would not associate international relations with a law firm, AGC is like any other government agency where establishing ties with our counterparts around the world is important for Singapore’s position on the international platform.

My role is to support AGC with its international engagement efforts. In preparation for an official trip by the Management, my work could vary from researching on the country’s legal system to planning the itinerary – there is never a dull day.

How I got my job

I responded to an advertisement on Careers@Gov and was shortlisted for the first round of interviews. The interview panel emphasised the challenging nature of the job and the future prospects. I recall feeling genuine enthusiasm for the job. Thankfully, I was called for a second interview, and I made sure to convey my determination to succeed despite my relative inexperience as a fresh graduate.

The highs and lows

I am never bored because of the fast pace of work and frequent opportunities to learn about Singapore’s interest in various local and international arenas.

That being said, developments can happen in a split second, and it is always a challenge to complete the necessary work in time. Nonetheless, the sense of satisfaction that comes after each successful conclusion keeps me motivated.

My happiest moment at work

I was elated to have staffed an official study trip to a foreign jurisdiction in 2016. This study trip was my first stint as a staffing officer and I was excited to see my plans come to fruition. In addition, I had the opportunity to attend various meetings with the counterpart office.

Apart from my core job responsibilities, I was part of the organising committee for the inaugural Attorney-General’s Lecture. While it was a challenge to balance this project work with my core work, I was happy to have worked with a great team from various divisions! It was a great learning experience to be a part of a collaborative environment.

Training and support

Upon joining AGC, I was assigned a Buddy who briefed me on the work and was always generous with her encouragement. Newcomers are inducted into AGC through a two-day orientation programme where we are introduced to the key functions of AGC and have the chance to speak with more seasoned colleagues to get a sense of the work and the organisational culture.

I was nominated to attend the AGC Milestone Programme for New Managers in my second year. The programme included modules on managing teammates and resources – both highly useful techniques to master! AGC also supported my participation in various courses for international relations and protocol training, which are essential to my core work.

Work-life balance

There are multiple open spaces in the office building, such as the staff lounge, which makes it easy for colleagues to schedule a meeting over tea or have a social gathering on special occasions. Whilst the hours can be long sometimes especially when a new project comes in my colleagues provide the necessary support.

My most memorable experience was when my colleagues would buy me tea or lunch so I could spend moments of free time to either have a good rest or catch up on outstanding work without missing a balanced meal.

Some advice

A healthy dose of humility and eagerness to learn from your mistakes will help you improve on your work performance.