Job Description

You are part of a dynamic team that supports information management and communication in the SAF. On this, you develop communication plans and activities that are in line with larger MINDEF and SAF narratives and themes, liaising with various MINDEF/SAF departments to ensure comprehensiveness. You also participate in project teams to oversee capability development of computer systems in support of information operations, as well as research and analyse the current information environment to refine information plans and strategies. Your challenge lies in processing a deep understanding of our audiences and communications channels, as well as be cognisant of the prevailing military strategic and operational environment so as to optimise engagement plans and efforts.


You must have a tertiary qualification, preferably in social science, mass communication, anthropology or psychology. You should have the ability to leverage on data analytics and information technologies to understand big data, and a good understanding of human psychology and sociology. Having prior work or research experience in marketing, information, or psychology / sociology-related fields, as well as proficiency in a third language, is advantageous.

(Candidates with no experience may apply.)